2021 Events

Baltic Sea Games hosted a range of different events both online and hybrid in 2021 for game developer start-up teams, mentors, investors, incubators and more!

Main Event

BSGI – Final Expert Workshop in 2 parts online: 3 Dec and 17 Dec 21 10-12h30 CET

International expert round on scaling up game business support in the BSR

The project “Baltic Sea Game Incubation” is a follow-up of the “BGI Baltic Game Industry” project (funded by the Interreg-BSR programme). Our endeavour is to provide a sustainable expert environment and knowledge base on game developer incubation, acceleration and business support. Intensive exchange amongst experts in this field will provide a fertile ground to further empower the “incubation / business support” ecosystem.

The expert rounds are designed to dive deeper into topics that are often not really questioned, even though there are many different approaches applied in the industry / community. The discussions should challenge the different underlying assumptions and enable the experts to critically re-think their own strategies and practices. To a certain extent, the series of discussions might lead to reshaping the current notion of “game incubation”, perhaps eventually arriving at a different design than the current one which seems heavily based on the model of IT and film incubation.

Our fourth expert round will take place on December 3 and 17, 2021 from 10-12h30 CET

  • Topic: Scale up game business support in the BSR

The project Baltic Sea Game Incubation is financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, within the programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

Other Upcoming Events

  • tbd

Past Events

  • Autumn academy, November 8-12 – more info here
  • 3rd game incubation expert workshop on November 3
  • Themed workshop on October 28-30
  • Investor workshop on October 28
  • Mentor workshop on September 10
  • 3rd transnational webinar on September 9 – check out the VOD here
  • 2nd game incubation expert workshop on June 30
  • Investor workshop local test run on June 9
  • Mentor workshop test run on June 3
  • 2nd transnational webinar on June 1 – check out the VOD here
  • 1st transnational webinar on April 29 – check out the VOD here
  • 1st game incubation expert workshop on April 28