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Baltic Sea Games connects the Baltic Sea Region and its game industries under a common brand. The eight European countries adjacent to the Baltic Sea join forces in establishing a shared identity for their game industries to simplify accessing this important market and to increase its visibility worldwide.


In November 2019, at GameOn in Vilnius, Lithuania, Baltic Sea Games launched the first iteration of the Baltic Sea Games Award and the panel “Game Investment 101“.

As part of devcom 2020, Baltic Sea Games hosted a pavilion with virtual booths for game studios and incubators of the Baltic Sea region and the panel “How do we incubate for non-entertainment game production?” – more info here.

In November 2020, the “Game Incubation Roadmap” was launched, which is gonna play a key part in future efforts of Baltic Sea Games to strenghthen the game industry of the Baltic Sea region!

Watch out for our broad range of events for game developer start-up teams, mentors, investors, incubators and more – 2021 Events!

Baltic Sea Game Incubation 2020-2021

Piloting Network Activities to Foster Game Incubation in the BSR

The extension project “Baltic Sea Game Incubation – Piloting Network Activities to Foster Game Incubation in the BSR” (BSGI) builds upon the BGI-project and continues to work on boosting the game industry in the Baltic Sea Region – giving special attention to capacity building. Its main objective is to enhance business support of game incubators through strategic transnational collaboration with other game incubators in the Baltic Sea region (BSR).

Joining forces in transnational cooperation will significantly raise the impact on industry development as opposed to acting alone. A viable international incubation network, a standardised incubation approach with powerful support tools and the expansion of the talent pool will enable young game studios and game developers to compete successfully in the game market and turn it into a growth market. The lead is again with the BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH.

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Baltic Game Industry 2017-2020

Empowering a Booster for Regional Development

The game industry is the most dynamic creative industry worldwide with an exponential growth rate. Our project ‘Baltic Game Industry – Empowering a Booster for Regional Development’ (BGI) aims towards boosting the game industry in the Baltic Sea region (BSR), increasing the capacity for innovation and transferring the game industry in the region into a global player with worldwide competitiveness. The core element is the installation of durable game incubation structures, programmes and schemes that effectively support the emergence and viability of game start-ups.

The project “Baltic Game Industry” is financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, within the programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

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