Game Investment 101

At the video game conference GameOn in Vilnius, Lithuania, 16 November 2019, Baltic Sea Games hosted the panel “Game Investment 101”. Baltic Sea Games acts as an umbrella brand, connecting the video game industries of the Baltic Sea region under one roof.

For the panel “Game Investment 101”, a group of distinguished investors, publishers and game developers were invited to present and discuss different approaches to investing in games. The panel took an investor to investor perspective, showing different concepts and strategies behind game investment, each entailing different expectations, challenges and opportunities.

Moderator: Soren Lass


  • Olesja Marjalaakso (Polka Dot Studio Oy)
  • Juha Huhtakallio (Playstack)
  • Borys Musielak (SMOK Ventures)
  • Stefan Lindeberg (Red Dawn Ventures)

Main takeaways:

  • 📈 The video game industry is growing rapidly
  • 🤝 A good and reliable team is essential, investors are willing to invest into teams vs. projects
  • 💼 It really helps to have a person on board who cares about the business aspect of the game
  • 😴 Compared to other types of companies, the game industry is still undiscovered by investors and governments
  • ⏱ Timing plays a tremendous role when launching a company or a game